"a wonderful documentary... something of a revelation... about seven friends who came together to make music and changed their world in the process" Michael Wilmington - Chicago Tribune read full review

"Nicely lensed and recorded pic would be aces for music-centered fests and will sit well with politicos, too." Ken Eisner - VARIETY

“Yes, this is a documentary about a group of black musicians whose thirty-year career has made them their country’s idols. But no!  It’s not the Buena Vista Social Club, as this film deserves more than a simple comparison (…) Over and above the sublime soundtrack, what we discover is the Malagasy people, filmed straightforwardly, with their suffering and their hopes.” le Figaro

“There is nothing superfluous or insipid in the portrait of this group, which has refused showbiz and international success so as to remain close to ordinary folk. The camera always keeps the right distance. The film is never weighted down by a didactic or over-forceful approach. No commentary is necessary: the images speak for themselves, reshaping the melodies in sumptuous harmonies of light and colour.” AfriCultures

Interview of Marie-Clemence Paes,
on BBC World Radio,

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